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How Hiring Teams Benefit from Career Fairs

How hiring teams find high quality candidates at Phoenix, AZ Career Fairs with AZ Event Connect.

The hiring process has shifted from referrals and in-person applications to online resumes and templated responses. Technological growth was great for almost all aspects of business, except the employer’s role in the hiring process as it has only become more difficult and time consuming. This is one of many reasons why we at AZ Event Connect not only highly recommend

to all of our clients to participate in career fairs, but we also host our own throughout the year. The list of benefits both small and large businesses receive from attending career fairs could go on for quite some time so we provided a condensed version for why we encourage all employers to use career fairs as their main resource for finding qualified job seekers.

Fill Positions Faster

Ask yourself, how many hours are spent each day sifting through resumes that are often far too vague or too long? The time spent reading each resume, compiling a list of candidates to follow-up with, and setting up appointments far surpasses the time spent at a career fair and that doesn’t even factor in the quality of these leads. Career fairs give you the ability to pre-screen candidates in person so you’re not only creating that list of individuals that could fill the role, you’re also personally qualifying each one completely eliminating the need for a first interview.

Interview Multiple Candidates

First interviews are a great way to get to know each candidate’s personality and make a decision if you’re interested in moving them along in the hiring process. The downside to the traditional method of setting up individual first interviews is that it devours time and effort. Each first interview takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Where as, career fairs give you the ability to complete this pre-screening process in a fraction of the time and interview multiple candidates at once. At the end of the day, you’ll leave with a longer list of more qualified individuals and in a better position to quickly fill that role.

Find Serious Candidates

The hiring process can get frustrating after you have found a few great candidates that you already invested so much time in but none of them seem to pan out for various reasons ranging from something as simple as they won’t return your phone call to they’ve already accepted another offer. By using career fairs as your applicant source, you meet your candidate at the exact point of interest. The percentage of candidates that follows through with the next step in your hiring process is significantly higher than if they simply applied online. You can have peace of mind that anyone who takes the time to prepare and attend a career fair is ready to accept a position as soon as you’re ready to make an offer.

As business consultants, we at AZ Event Connect are all about getting you the results you need as efficiently and effectively as possible and that is why we are huge advocates for career fairs. The list of benefits an employer receives from attending a career fair is innumerable, but the bottom line is as a business, you will without a doubt save time and money.

Interested in participating in The AZ Event Connect Career Fair? Apply here:

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