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VIP Onsite Hiring Event: The Good, The Great and The Best.

AZ Event Connect prides ourselves on evolving different hiring strategies to get the best employees for our clients. Career Fairs are a great way to meet a crowd of possible candidates in a set amount of time; leaving recruiters more time to identify ideal candidates from the group to interview. But there is another creative and unique way to attract top talent in the Phoenix area that AZ Even Connect calls “VIP Onsite Hiring Events.”

VIP Onsite Hiring Events are pretty much strategic open houses. AZ Event Connect identifies a top match group of candidates for you to interview onsite. AZ Event Connect, pre-screens candidates based on your job description and needs, setups the room for the interviewer, coordinates the interview schedule(s), and provides updates to candidates. This is a turnkey hiring event that takes the labor off the hiring team and allows AZ Event Connect to locate top talent in Arizona.

Good approach for Job Seekers: Attending an onsite VIP Hiring Event is an exclusive opportunity for job seekers to see the workplace and get a feel for what it might be like to work at your organization.

Great approach for Interviewers: VIP Hiring Events present a great opportunity to hold speed networking and short interviews with potential job seekers. Since we already conducted a pre-screening of every candidate invited to interview, interviews tend to go smoother and quicker allowing you more time to process the candidates and make the best choice.

The Best Candidate Group: Unlike a Job fair, you don’t face competition from the other distractions at the event. A VIP Onesite Hiring Event grants you sole attention and allows candidates to feel special rather than plucked from a crowd. Just as employers like to hire people through referrals, job seekers like to feel a personal connection with prospective employers. A VIP Onsite Hiring Event puts the best foot forward in highlighting the company’s culture and mission while getting qualified candidates in a set amount of time.

To learn more about the AZ Event Connect VIP Onsite Hiring Events, please contact or visit our website at

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